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Welcome to the Wilfandel Club, a non-profit African American women’s organization committed to overseeing the WilfandelClubhouse. Our mission is rooted in civic betterment, philanthropic endeavors, and the promotion of general culture. Every dollar raised is dedicated to funding activities that uplift and empower our community. Join us as we strive to make a positive impact, fostering a culture of unity, generosity, scholarship, and cultural enrichment.

Our History

Journey back to the 1940s, where Los Angeles grappled with the pervasive impact of Jim Crow laws, casting a shadow that restricted people of color from esteemed venues. In this challenging landscape, two extraordinary women, Fannie Williams, a visionary entrepreneur and esteemed community leader, and Della Williams, a philanthropist and wife of renowned architect Paul R. Williams, fearlessly embarked on a mission. Together, they dreamed of creating a haven—a clubhouse where people of color could gather to celebrate joyous occasions and monumental milestones.

In 1945, these visionary women gathered 50 like-minded friends, carefully selected from a diverse array of influential black women. United by a commitment to collaborative efforts and teamwork, they gave birth to the Wilfandel Club in 1947.

Fueled by passion, the Wilfandel Club achieved a significant milestone in 1948 by acquiring the Percy H. Clark stately 1912 Renaissance Revival Style mansion in the West Adams District of Los Angeles. Transformed into the Wilfandel Clubhouse, this mansion, adorned with lush landscapes, symbolizes inclusivityand serves as a distinctive safe space for social, civic, and community activities. Collaborating with Paul Williams, the members converted this residential gem into the place to be and be seen in Black Los Angeles.

Over the years, the Wilfandel Club has been the backdrop for farewell parties, elaborate weddings, baby showers, birthday celebrations, and events led by Civil Rights and political leaders. Artists, authors, and musicians have graced our stage, contributing to the club's success. Rental revenue not only paid off the mortgage within the first decade but also funded philanthropic endeavors, including the annual Fannie Williams Scholarship.

For almost 80 years, the Wilfandel Club has stood as a commendable steward, preserving not only the physical property but also the rich history and legacy associated with it. As the oldest Black Women's Club in Los Angeles, the club embodies resilience and triumph. The clubhouse is available for rental.  For more information, or book a consultation, email us at or call 323-737-6243.

The Wilfandel Club

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