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A Stately Symbol of the Spirit of Social Change in South LA


Community empowerment and social change has always been a driving force for the people of greater South LA In the heart of West Adams, the historic South LA neighborhood, sits the stately Wilfandel Club, a landmark symbol of this spirit to cultivate positive change within marginalized communities, especially Black Los Angeles.

The Wilfandel Club’s extensive influence dates back to the late 1930s. Its co-founder, Mrs. Fannie Williams, chaired the local Assistance League of the Outdoor Life and Health Association. She found a willing partner in Della Williams, an unrelated colleague who spearheaded many philanthropic initiatives. Together, they envisioned expanding their causes by establishing a community-centered clubhouse to serve as a central gathering point and a first-rate venue for the Black community in highly segregated Post-War Los Angeles.

Cultural Treasures of South LA (

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